Twane Cheze-Gower

Online Only

I work with clients from all walks of life and from all over New Zealand, via Zoom.

I’m a compassionate professional with a deep interest in and care for people. Resonating with a soft, non-intrusive style, my aim is to create a welcoming space for clients to express whatever needs a ‘voice’. This gentle approach ensures that clients feel heard, understood, and supported throughout their therapeutic process. Each therapeutic journey is tailored to my client’s unique needs, reflecting a collaborative and personalized approach to enhance the lives of individuals seeking to understand themselves and those around them. Within this evolutionary process and supportive environment clients can explore and express themselves freely, examining long-standing attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours that may hinder healthy relationships and good quality of life.

I’m committed to uncovering and addressing the root causes of challenges, facilitating more profound and lasting changes. The overarching goal being to empower clients by liberating them from unconscious triggers, impulses and behaviours. Embracing a person-centered approach, I foster an environment of safety, freedom and choice, where heightened self-awareness becomes achievable, supporting moments of insight.

This is a judgement free space where every individual can experience a positive and supportive relationship of consistency and warmth on their journey towards health and well-being.

As well as a narrative style of psychotherapy, the gentle but powerful Conversational Model, I also integrate a somatic (body-inclusive) mindfulness-based model. This beautiful fusion of somatic and narrative invites an understanding of how our thoughts attitudes and behaviours present themselves psychologically as well as physiologically in the way we express ourselves and ‘show up’ in the world.
With a commitment to my own personal work, combined with my continuing training and dedicated self-reflection, I also value the importance of the spiritual component to my client’s journey.

For more information about who I am and how I work, please feel free to visit my website at



Professional Qualifications:

  • Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy – ANZAP
  • Registered Psychotherapist – PBANZ
  • Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists
  • Hakomi Mindfulness Based, Somatic Psychotherapy Graduate
  • Member of NZAP
  • Member of ANZAP

Hourly Fee

  • $120