Irene Deliefde

Irene Deliefde is an experienced therapist who works with individuals assisting them to reflect, understand and integrate changes which they want to make in their lives.

She has experience and skills in providing clinical supervision.

I have a deep care of people and over the past 20 years, I have met with a wide variety of people and worked together with them to enhance their lives. I would describe the process of my work as the alchemy of quiet expectation. The expectation of both myself and the client that something useful will come out of our time together, the “alchemy” being the process where old restrictions are dissolved and new ways are solidified. That there can be an end to “going around in circles”, “getting nowhere” or feeling as if the same difficulties keep arising. There is a sense of getting more on track in your life where moments are refined and movement can occur, where within the therapeutic relationship a space develops where old structures, old conflicts, old fears can be more understood and reflected on. Gradually these impingements dissolve into something which can be useful for the person rather than a hindrance…

My training has involved Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in the “Conversational Model” and “Self Psychology”. This approach to working with clients means that the outcome of the work endures and that the gains made are integrated into the person’s life at a deeper level. It encompasses the ability to give value to the moments of inner and outer struggle each person experiences and to work together towards a useful resolution. Also, this training fits with the importance I hold for any person to be able to experience a positive and supportive relationship in their lives, which assists them to develop a full expression of themselves. This includes the experience of closeness, clarity, determination, choice, and freedom, love of themselves and others and ultimately the ability to live out the true purpose of their lives.

I have also trained as a Clinical Supervisor and enjoy working with therapists as they refine and develop their own work with others.

Many years of work, study and self reflection has also led me to give value to the spiritual aspects of peoples lives in whatever form that takes.


Irene Deliefde Talking Therapy Practitioner

Professional Qualifications:

  • Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy. ANZAP
  • Accreditation as a Clinical Supervisor through ANZAP
  • Registered Psychotherapist
  • Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

Hourly Fee

  • $140