A sense of one’s self exists in relationship

The sense of self is vulnerable to injury when our needs are not met by relationships or life experiences involving relationships in the present or the past.

We can be harmed by some interactions from our environment – trauma, abuse, neglect and other difficult life experiences – leaving us with a hollowness and sense of numbness inside. This is often accompanied by a lack of aliveness and feelings of disconnection.

It can be hard to talk about these feelings as they often don’t make sense or seem important. We often need others to understand what we are experiencing and help us recognise how our growth has been affected, making us unable to move forward in our lives. This can be done within a confidential therapeutic relationship that is safe and respectful.

Our therapists have the skill and experience to assist working through these issues to create a healthier and stronger self. Increased self-esteem, vitality, confidence and a sense of belonging grow with the development of a more solid sense of self, creating the capacity for intimacy and an increased sense of purpose and wellbeing.

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