Fees & Subsidies


Our fees are $120.00 per session both for individual and couple sessions. Our hope is that the fee is not a barrier to those wishing to attend therapy. Your therapist will be happy to discuss the fee with you.


WINZ Disability Allowance WINZ may provide an allowance for those on a benefit or with a Community Services card. This may provide $60.00 per week for counselling and psychotherapy. more info

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) Current contracts are in place with Vitae, Stratos, OCP and Instep, who provide employee counselling services. May provide 3 sessions.

Family Court The Family Court no longer provides funding for relationship counselling. more info

Victim Support Victim Support may provide free counselling for witnesses & victim of serious crime. more info

Health Insurance Some health insurance policies may provide cover.

Claiming Costs Self-employed may claim the fees as a business expense, we recommend checking with your personal tax consultant.

ACC Two of our therapists (one female and one male) are registered with ACC for Sensitive Claims. more info