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Psychotherapy Across Cultures

The therapists at Talking Therapy are aware that culture affects the way psychotherapy is experienced and the way clients respond to it.

All five therapists respond to the necessity of gaining cultural knowledge of all their clients. They are also supported by the use of language in the model that they practise, which provides an important tool in bringing about a connection between cultures.

Regarding working with Maori clients, the personal experience and knowledge of Maori culture of some therapists, and the respect, empathy and commitment to respond sensitively to the needs of each client by all therapists, result in Talking Therapy being a safe place for Maori clients.

With all clients, they work with an awareness of how we are shaped by the past, as well as the present – cultural and historical factors being an important part of this.

A Maori proverb:

Me titiro ki nga wa o mua
Rapua te mea kua ngaro

When searching for direction
Focus your eyes backwards
And see where you have come from