Professional Supervision

For those working in the helping Professions

From our own perspectives ongoing clinical supervision has been the single most important factor in professional development. It is the place where we have learnt about ourselves, developed better thinking and understanding and improved in our work as a psychotherapists.

What is Supervision?

Supervision is an integral part of working with people. It is a place where the supervisor and the one being supervised meet for 3 main purposes.

  • To develop a working relationship which involves mutual respect.
  • To enhance the supervisor’s professional development.
  • To experience supervision as an important learning environment.

How Does Supervision Work?

The supervisor creates a safe, structured confidential environment where trust can be developed. The supervisee brings coherent case material in the form of verbal description, written notes and perhaps audio taped sessions if applicable.

This dual relationship now becomes a triad of Supervisor/supervisee/client where interlacing processes occur. Matters of transference can be explored, understood and integrated. Where the supervisor and supervisee strive to achieve a balance between exploration and understanding. The overall outcome is that the supervisee works more effectively with their clients.

The Registered Psychotherapists at “Talking Therapy” provide Professional Supervision for a wide range of people working in the helping professions.